Our Team

Below are the people who make up our team…

Jennifer Croft
Jennifer Croft is the founder and lead instructor for 5-Minute Classes. At the age of twenty, she started her first business and has successfully started and run six small businesses. She has taught start-up, marketing, and finance classes to more than 3,000 entrepreneurs.

Jennifer’s e-mail is: jennifer@fiveminuteclasses.com

Kira James
Kira James has more than eight years experience in marketing and social media. She earned her MBA in marketing from Colorado Technical University

Kira’s e-mail is: kira@fiveminuteclasses.com

Jayne Reiter
Jayne Reiter has owned two small businesses and was the director of a Small Business Development Center for almost twenty years. She has a master degree in education from Colorado State University.

Jayne’s e-mail is: jayne@fiveminuteclasses.com