Interview A Business Owner Worksheet

Are you wondering what it would really be like to own the type of business that you have been dreaming about? There is no better way to find out than by asking someone who’s running the same type of business.

You can use this small business owner questionnaire to find out the pros and cons of running a small business, before you take the leap. The answers might affirm your choice of business, or perhaps change your mind.

Interview A Business Owner Worksheet PDF
Interview A Business Owner Worksheet Word

Choose a business owner and ask about the realities of running a small business. Once you have the answers to some or all of the questions included in this interview form, you’ll have a more accurate, realistic picture of the day-to-day operations and potential profitability of the small business.

The questionnaire includes a lot of questions about money (how much did it take to start the business, annual sales, owner’s compensation, etc), as well as the highlights and challenges of running a small business.

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Jennifer Croft Comments
Of all the worksheets I’ve ever designed, this one is my favorite, because it can be so helpful! When I was teaching small business classes in the Denver metro area, I was able to review dozens of these worksheets that students brought back, filled in with the answers small business owners had shared with them. The results were fascinating. Among other things, I learned that yoga studios were cash cows and that “paint your own pottery” businesses were on their way out. I was amazed at how much personal and detailed financial information business owners were willing to share, if only they were asked.

See for yourself – download the form and go interview a small business owner!

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