Instructions For How To Use JoinMe

JoinMe is a great meeting platform – it’s easy to use, no need to set up an account, and nothing to download to your computer.

Note that we will not be using the video/webcam features of JoinMe – just phone/audio and screensharing features, so that you can see Jennifer’s screen.

Step #1 – Get On JoinMe For Screensharing

Use one of the three options listed below to be able to join a class, session, event, or meeting:

From Your E-Mail Invite – Click On The JoinMe Link
If you were sent an e-mail invite, and you will be using your desktop computer, you just need to click on the link in the invite. Below is an example of what the link looks like (the link is in blue):



From Your Desktop Computer – Go To The JoinMe Website
If you can’t find your e-mail invite, or didn’t receive one, just go to (note that the website address is, not

On the home page, you’ll see a green box, which says “Join A Meeting.” In the green box, type in the meeting code, which is: jennifercroft

Below is an example of what the green box looks like (it’s highlighted inside the red box):





From Your Phone Or Tablet
Download the JoinMe app, which is free at the Google Play Store. Open the JoinMe app. In the green box, which says “Join A Meeting,” type in the meeting code, which is: jennifercroft

Below is an example of what the JoinMe phone app looks like:

Note About Safari
Please note that JoinMe doesn’t work on the Safari browser. If you’re on a Mac, you’ll need to use one of these browsers: Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge (formerly known as Internet Explorer).

Step 2: Choose Phone Or Audio

As you’re logging into JoinMe from a desktop computer, you’ll be given the option to call in by phone or to use the audio on your computer. If you decide to call in by phone, you’ll need to enter the following access code (Conference ID number): 349-752-358. Please don’t call in by phone AND use your computer audio, or you’ll get screeching feedback.

That’s it! See you soon in the class, session, event or meeting!