Exploration Classes For Small Businesses

Have you been thinking about starting your own small business, maybe dreaming of it for years? The exploration phase can be one of the most exciting phases of a small business, and we would like to join you on that journey. We have designed 5-minute exploration classes to help you take the first steps toward turning your dream into something real.

Below are the 5-minute, exploration classes we’re currently offering.

Exploration Classes
Is Self-Employment Right For You
How To Choose A Business That’s Right For You
Test Your Business Idea

Business Planning Classes
How To Write A 1-Page Business Plan
How To Write A Fill-In-The-Blank Business Plan
Why Write A Business Plan
How To Write A Marketing Plan

Got 5 minutes? Donate it to your dream by taking one of these exploration classes. They’re free, they’re online, and they’re easy to understand!

Please note that in addition to exploration classes for small businesses, we also offer other classes, including: marketing classes, start-up classes, and money classes.