E-Tail For Retail – 1.5 hour class


Wouldn’t it be great if you could extend your storefront to the world, sell products that you never touch, and have insurance against negative factors that could affect your brick-and-mortar store? Come to this fun and engaging class, and you will learn the basics of e-commerce and what it will take to start selling some of your products online. You’ll learn how to decide which products to sell, as well as how to organize and design your store. You’ll also find out about different e-commerce platform and plug-in options and how to write content that will attract search engine clicks. Finally, you will learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO), including how to perform keyword research.

Please note: This class is geared toward retail store owners and isn’t technical in nature.

About Jennifer Croft
Jennifer has 35 years of marketing experience, including 12 years of SEO experience. She has worked on more than 600 websites (ranging in size from 5 pages to 5 million pages) and has conducted more than 500 SEO trainings across the U.S.

Instructor: Jennifer Croft