Money Classes For Small Businesses

Starting and running a small business can be one of the best experiences ever…unless you are not making enough money. Then, it can rapidly devolve into worries about your finances, maybe even doubts about whether you should continue to be self-employed. Those might be valid concerns, but it’s time to stop fretting, and start doing something! We have designed these 5-minute money classes to help you better understand the money and financials in your business, so that you can make better decisions.

Below are the 5-minute, money classes we’re currently offering.

Formulas And Forecasting Classes
How To Forecast Sales Revenues
How To Forecast Monthly Overhead Expenses
How To Forecast Cash Flow
How To Calculate Breakeven
How To Calculate Cost of Goods (COG)
How To Calculate Gross Profit (GP)
How To Calculate Net Profit

General Money Classes
4 Ways To Make More Money

Cash Flow Classes
How To Forecast Cash Flow
8 Great Ways To Improve Your Cash Flow

Pricing Classes
Intro To Pricing
How To Price Your Products
How To Price Your Services
10 Tips For Pricing Your Products
10 Tips For Pricing Your Services
How To Choose Your Pricing Position

Start-Up Classes
How To Calculate Start-Up Costs
How To Get The Money To Start A New Business
How To Get A Loan For Your Business

Financing Classes
How To Get The Money To Start A New Business
How To Get A Loan For Your Business

Take the first step toward better financial health in your small business – commit 5 minutes to taking one of these free, online money classes.

Please note that in addition to money classes for small businesses, we also offer other classes, including: exploration classes, start-up classes, and marketing classes.

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