Free Worksheets, Forms, and Templates

Below are free worksheets, templates, spreadsheets, and forms for you to use in your small business. On the page for each 5-minute class page, you’ll find a list of recommended worksheets, templates, or forms that correspond with what you’ve just learned in the class.

Most Popular Worksheets
1-Page Business Plan
8-Page Fill-In-The-Blank Business Plan
Cash Flow Forecast – 1 year

Exploration Worksheets
Self-Employment Assessment Quiz
Interview A Business Owner

Start-Up Worksheets
1-Page Business Plan
8-Page Fill-In-The-Blank Business Plan
Net Worth
Small Business Start-Up Checklist

Money Worksheets
Personal Monthly Budget – 1 month
Small Business Financial Formulas
Start-Up Costs
Monthly Overhead Expenses – 1 month
Sales Forecast – 1 year
Cost of Goods (COG) Forecast – 1 year
Gross Profit (GP) Forecast – 1 year
Cash Flow Forecast – 1 year
Breakeven – By Gross Profit Dollars
Breakeven – By Gross Profit Margin
Pricing For Your Top 5 Products/Services
Time No One Pays For

Marketing Worksheets
Marketing Plan – 1 year
Rank Your Competitors
Price vs Quality/Service

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Note that these worksheets where designed by Jennifer Croft, who also wrote the copy motorcycle resources website and a website for dry eye doctors in Denver.