SEO 101: How To Get To The Top Of Google

SEO is one of the few types of marketing that you can do today that will generate connections, leads, and sales for years to come! Come to this fun and engaging, free class on search engine optimization (SEO) and learn how to get your website to the top of Google for hundreds of different phrases.

The SEO topics covered include: how to perform keyword research, how to plan and write great content, how build links into your website, and how to track your SEO performance.

These SEO “best practices” techniques for websites can benefit all types of small business and organizations, including: service and consulting businesses, retail businesses, trades businesses, wholesalers and distributors, manufacturers, e-commerce store owners, and non-profits.

This class is a great, overall introduction to SEO, designed for people who might never have tried SEO and/or know little or nothing about website development.

About Jennifer Croft
Jennifer has 35 years of marketing experience, including 12 years of SEO experience. She has worked on more than 600 websites (ranging in size from 5 pages to 5 million pages) and has conducted more than 500 SEO trainings across the U.S.

Instructor: Jennifer Croft

Watch The Video
Thursday, September 17, 2020 – This class was presented by The Commons, through Denver Startup Week 2020 – click here to watch a YouTube video of the SEO 101 class.