Marketing Classes For Small Businesses

Do you have all of the business that you want and need, that you can count on consistently? Or are you scraping by month to month, too reliant on a few clients, or tired of not knowing how much money you will make this quarter? Have you spent a ton of time and money on marketing, only to see little or no results? Are you at wit’s end for what to do next? Not to worry…we have designed these marketing classes to help take the mystery out of marketing and to put you in the driver’s seat. If you don’t have enough business – or the kind of business and clients that you like – you can do something about it, starting now.

Below are the 5-minute, marketing classes we’re currently offering.

Online Marketing / Digital Marketing
10 Online Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses
Online Marketing: Top 7 Stats To Track
How To Do Email Marketing
Intro To Google AdWords
Intro To Google Analytics
SEO vs Google AdWords: Which Is Better

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Intro To SEO
How To Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Keyword Research For SEO
Metatags For SEO
Links Building For SEO
Writing For SEO
Editing Copy For SEO
SEO vs Google AdWords: Which Is Better

General Marketing
Intro To Marketing
How To Write A Marketing Plan
How To Choose A Target Market
How To Create An Effective Marketing Mix
How To Choose Your Pricing Position
How To Test And Track Your Marketing
8 Great Ways To Improve Your Marketing
Top 5 Reasons People Won’t Buy From You
How To Create Effective Marketing Messaging

How To Rank Your Competitors

What are you waiting for – take a marketing class today. It’s free, it’s online, and it’ll only take you 5 minutes!

Please note that in addition to marketing classes for small businesses, we also offer other classes, including: exploration classes, start-up classes, and money classes.

Click here for a resource for Gallup StrengthsFinder training (remote and in-person).