How To Set Up A Support System

In this 5-minute small business class online, you’ll learn how to set up a support system for yourself and your small business.

Cost: Free
Recommended Pre-Requisite Classes: None
Instructor: Jennifer Croft

Please note: You may have to raise the volume on your computer or phone to be able to clearly hear the video.

In this 5-minute, online class, you’ll learn how to set up a support system, for yourself and your small business. You’ll learn the importance of writing a business plan and having enough cash on hand. You’ll find out about the benefits of having an accountability partner and hanging out with other entrepreneurs. You’ll get tips for partnering with other people on projects and involving them in your deadlines. You’ll discover how to set up healthy boundaries with family and friends and why a devil’s advocate can be your best friend.

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The following small business worksheets will be helpful for you to use:
1-Page Business Plan
8-Page Fill-In-The-Blank Business Plan
Start-Up Costs

Next Steps

After taking this class, here are some good next steps you can take:
•Write a business plan.
•Calculate your start-up costs and breakeven.
•Figure out three ways you can partner with people.
•Make a commitment to hang out with other like-minded entrepreneurs or small business owners at least once a month.