Cash Flow Template And Spreadsheet

How will cash flow in and out of your business in the coming months and year? Find out by using this simple cash flow forecast template or spreadsheet.

Cash Flow Forecast – 1 Year Worksheet PDF
Cash Flow Forecast – 1 Year Worksheet Excel

With the cash flow spreadsheet, you start out with the amount of cash you have on hand at the beginning of the month. You then calculate sales, cost of goods, and gross profit. From there, you subtract monthly overhead expenses to arrive at a net profit or loss figure for your small business. Take out income taxes, the principal on loan repayments, and a few other items, and you arrive at the net cash added or subtracted and an ending cash balance. Do the same thing for the next month, and the next month, and pretty soon, you have a cash flow forecast for the year.

The cash flow forecast spreadsheet can be used to predict your cash flow this year, or to recap your cash flow from last year.

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How To Forecast Cash Flow

Jennifer Croft Comments
Even successful businesses can get in a bind because of tight cash flow. In fact, when you are first starting a small business, if you’re really successful, really quickly, you might find yourself running short on cash. If sales are coming in at a rapid rate, and expenses are piling up, but you’re waiting on payment from clients, that is a cash flow crisis in the making. With cash flow forecasting, there’s too much complexity and too many numbers and variables to try to keep it all in your head. By using this simple cash flow forecast worksheet, you can put the numbers in writing, an exercise that will help you manage your business more successfully.

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