Monthly Overhead Expenses Template And Spreadsheet

How much will it cost you to run your small business, on a monthly basis? Find out by filling out this monthly overhead expenses template or worksheet.

Monthly Overhead Expenses – 1 Month Worksheet PDF
Monthly Overhead Expenses – 1 Month Worksheet Excel

Also known as “fixed” costs, monthly overhead expenses include: rent and utilities, employees and payroll taxes, phone and Internet, vehicles, marketing, professional fees, supplies and materials, bank and credit card charges, travel expenses, and more.

This easy-to-use monthly expenses template and spreadsheet will help you categorize and add up all of your average business expenses, so that you will know what you are responsible for each month.

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How To Forecast Monthly Overhead Expenses

Jennifer Croft Comments
How much do you need to sell next month to breakeven? That’s impossible to calculate without first knowing what your monthly overhead expenses will be. As a tip, try to keep these expenses as low as possible during your start-up phase so that you’re not burning through your savings and/or lying awake at night worrying about how to meet your obligations.

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