How To Choose A Business That’s Right For You

In this 5-minute small business class online, you will learn how to choose a business that’s right for you.

Cost: Free
Recommended Pre-Requisite Classes: None
Instructor: Jennifer Croft

Please note: You may have to raise the volume on your computer or phone to be able to clearly hear the video.

In this 5-minute, online class, you’ll learn how to choose a business that’s right for you. You’ll find out about the different types of business, such as retail, service, manufacturing, distribution, and e-commerce. You’ll discover how to apply your passion, experience, and expertise to a suitable business. You’ll learn which types of businesses require management skills and how to evaluate the earning potential of a business. You’ll get tips for figuring out whether a certain type of business will match your lifestyle, as well as pointers for determining whether self-employment is right for you.

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Next Steps

After taking this class, here are some good next steps you can take:
•Write a business plan.
•Calculate your start-up costs and breakeven.
•Figure out three ways you can partner with people.
•Make a commitment to hang out with other like-minded entrepreneurs or small business owners at least once a month.