Pricing For Your Products And Services Template

Need a way to get the price, cost of goods, and gross profit for your products and services all in one place? Use this pricing template or spreadsheet to gather information on your top-selling products and services.

Pricing For Your Top 5 Products-Services Worksheet PDF

When calculating cost of goods (COG) for this spreadsheet, be sure to include labor, materials, and shipping. To come up with gross profit, you simply take the sales price and subtract the cost of goods. For example, if you sell something for $10, and your cost of goods is $3, then your gross profit is $7. To arrive at gross profit percentage, you take your gross profit and divide it by the price. In the example above, your gross profit percentage (also known as profit margin) would be 70% (7 divided by 10).

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Jennifer Croft Comments
This pricing worksheet has space for five products or services, which is enough to get you started. Even if you sell hundreds of products or services in your small business, either clump them into five categories or choose your top-selling or big ticket item products or services.

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