UTAVBOC Take Five Program

Welcome veterans! Thank you for your service to the nation, and congratulations on your decision to start your own business! 5-Minute Classes is proud to partner with the University of Texas Arlington Veteran Business Outreach Center (UTAVBOC) in creating the TAKE FIVE program, just for veterans.

As part of the TAKE FIVE program, you’ll watch five 5-minute videos, covering exploration, marketing, and business start-up (see below). The TAKE FIVE videos will provide you with a snapshot of the path you’ll follow to owning your own business. If you’re already in business, think of this as a 5×5 refresher course, a way to circle back and make sure that you’ve covered all your bases.

In addition to watching the 5-minute videos, as part of the intake process for UTAVBOC’s Business Beyond the Battlefield, you’ll also fill out three worksheets that correspond to the videos. When you’ve completed your three worksheets (see below), please e-mail them to utavboc@uta.edu.

Please note that this website was written by Jennifer Croft, founder of 5-Minute Classes. She’s also written website copy for a variety of small businesses in the Denver, Colorado area, including for a business coach who specializes in training on the StrengthsFinder test, which is a great team-building tool. Jennifer is the founder of Seniorgevity, which has lists of assistant living and independent living for seniors in Denver.

Get started by taking this Self Employment Assessment Quiz, and then move on to Video #1.


Video #1 – Is Self Employment Right For You

The Self Employment Assessment Quiz is the worksheet for this video.



Video #2 – Test Your Business Idea

No worksheet required for this video.



Video #3 – Intro to Marketing

Worksheet: Marketing Plan – 1 Year Worksheet PDF
Worksheet: Marketing Plan – 1 Year Worksheet Excel



Video #4 – First 10 Steps In Starting A Business

No worksheet required for this video.



Video #5 – How To Set Up A Support System

Worksheet: 1-Page Business Plan Template PDF
Worksheet: 1-Page Business Plan Template Word


Thanks for completing the TAKE FIVE program – don’t forget to e-mail your three worksheets to utavboc@uta.edu.