How To Forecast Sales Revenues

In this 5-minute small business class online, you’ll learn how to forecast sales revenues for your small business.

Cost: Free
Recommended Pre-Requisite Classes: None
Instructor: Jennifer Croft

Please note: You may have to raise the volume on your computer or phone to be able to clearly hear the video.

In this 5-minute, online class, you’ll learn how to forecast sales revenues for your business. You’ll find out the formula for calculating sales revenues. You’ll also discover how to separate out your sales by products, services, and categories, as well as types of orders (e.g. new orders, reorders). You’ll get tips for how to accurately forecast revenues and see an example of a forecast.

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Next Steps

After taking this class, here are some good next steps you can take:
•Calculate the average prices for the top 5 products/services in your business.
•Look at your marketing plan and forecast how many “units” of each of your products/services you’ll be able to sell in the next year.
•Separate those sales by types of orders (trial orders, new orders, reorders, recurring orders, etc).
•Forecast sales revenues for the next year.