How To Create Effective Marketing Messaging

In this 5-minute small business class online, you will learn how to create effective marketing messaging for your small business.

Cost: Free
Recommended Pre-Requisite Classes: None
Instructor: Jennifer Croft

Please note: You may have to raise the volume on your computer or phone to be able to clearly hear the video.

In this 5-minute, online class, you’ll learn how to create effective marketing messaging for your small business. You’ll find out how to craft marketing messaging that highlights the features and benefits of your products and services and resonates with your target market. You’ll discover how to convey your marketing messaging through the name of your business, your branding, your logo, your tagline, your pitch, your written content and visuals, and your marketing tones.

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The following small business worksheet will be helpful for you to use:
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Next Steps

After taking this class, here are some good next steps you can take:
•Describe your marketing messaging in 3-5 words.
•Evaluate your marketing messaging to see if it needs to be repositioned and/or refreshed.
•If your marketing messaging isn’t consistent, make it consistent.
•Be sure that you own all of the rights to your logo, images, and written content.