Top 5 Reasons People Won’t Buy From You

In this 5-minute small business class online, you’ll learn the top 5 reasons people won’t buy from you, and what you can do about them.

Cost: Free
Recommended Pre-Requisite Classes: None
Instructor: Jennifer Croft

Please note: You may have to raise the volume on your computer or phone to be able to clearly hear the video.

In this 5-minute, online class, you’ll learn the primary reasons people won’t buy from you, and what you can do about them. These reasons are:
•they don’t want it
•they don’t need it
•they don’t value it
•they don’t understand it
•they don’t know about it

Some of the reasons listed above are easier to overcome than others. In this class, you’ll learn what you can do to increase sales in your small business.

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Next Steps

After taking this class, here are some good next steps you can take:
•When people don’t buy from you, start asking why.
•Make a list of the features and benefits of each of your top products and services.
•Research your competition and compile a list of differentiators – understand what makes you stand out from your competitors.
•Write a 1-year marketing plan, and follow it.